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MK is back in HaLL 1 at 2024 Drupa! 8 years of honing, living up to expectations!

After 8 years, the printing industry "Olympics" finally dazzling return! 8 years of accumulation of the latest technological changes, the latest research and solutions, the latest trends and results, will make 2024 Drupa become the focus of attention of the global printing industry. I believe that every printer would like to participate in this industry event and learn something from it.

Join us now to start the 2024 Drupa journey!

MK's multiple honors at HALL 1 again

Heidelberg Strategic Partners

Pioneer of Intelligent Manufacturing in the Printing & Packaging Industry

Chinese Printing & Packaging Equipment Manufacturing Single Item Champion

Leader of Chinese Printing Industry Ecosystem

History of MK's cooperation with Heidelberg


MK and Heidelberg enter into a strategic partnership

MK equipment onto the world stage


As the first Chinese company, Masterwork and Heidelberg will appear in Drupa HaLL1 together


MK becomes Heidelberg's largest shareholder


MK will once again join hands with Heidelberg to show the whole process solutions from pre-press to post-press

MK in Drupa

MK in Drupa

"Brilliant innovation" demonstrates the hard power of "made in China"

MK will continue to be an industry leader in delivering cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions to help customers meet the challenges of rising costs, labor shortages, and other environmental factors and continue to succeed in the packaging industry in the present and future.

MK's product solutions will showcase technological advances around comprehensive equipment efficiency improvement, high-quality finished product output, and automated digital intelligent transformation of the production process to help printing & packaging companies expand their ideas.

Weisloch Walldorf Experience Tour

During Drupa, MK will organize a VIP customer visiting group to go to Drupa together. At that time, the VIP customer group will not only be able to enjoy the most cutting-edge technological innovations from around the world at the exhibition, but also enter the Heidelberg Weisloch-Walldorf Print Media Center to explore the future of the industry together.

Heidelberg Weisloch-Walldorf

With 30,000 square meters, the Heidelberg Weisloch-Walldorf Print Media Center is the largest and most cutting-edge research center in the printing industry. You can immerse yourself in Heidelberg's leading, complete solutions for the entire printing process. Learn and understand Heidelberg's leading market perspectives and product development concepts, and find out about "how to cope with the shortage of skilled labor," "how to increase productivity," "how to achieve economically sustainable operation" "How to utilize digitalization" and other current challenges. And you will also find the familiar sight of MK equipment on the world stage, recognized by its peers around the globe for its outstanding performance.

MK will represent China's high-end equipment manufacturing to the world to show more outstanding Chinese post-press equipment.

Drupa 2024 will be held in Dusseldorf, Germany, from May 28th to June 7th, 2024; please join us for a trip to Drupa!

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How can we help you?

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