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automatic flatbed die-cutting machines for paperboard

Flatbed die-cutters (also called cutter-creasers or punching machines in some countries) is the most extensive available in the market and offers a wide choice of productivity and automation levels. Each of the machines in the range offers a level of reliability, versatility, and performance that closely matches the needs of a particular industrial sector or type of business.

As an outstanding cardboard die-cutting machine manufacturer and supplier in China, MK is known for its excellent technology and innovation capabilities. Not only do our die-cutting machines feature high-quality manufacturing standards, they also offer outstanding performance and reliability for a variety of industries and applications.We have MK1700CS, MK1300CS, small format die cutting machines, large format die cutting machines, dual voltage power supply 106CSB die cutting machines, etc., you can choose from them!

MK Paperboard Die Cutting Machine mainly for folding cartons for the food industry, cosmetics packaging, perfumes, pharmaceuticals, cigarettes and much more.

Several factors play a role when deciding on the correct type of die-cutter: substrate, speed, efficiency, and especially quality. Through sophisticated design and patented functionality, flatbed die-cutters excel in performance, ease of use, and accuracy.

Die-cutting in Paperboard

Flatbed die-cutting is essential during the production of corrugated cardboard packaging and displays. The die-cutter largely defines the appearance of a corrugated box or display.

Rotary paperboard die-cutting is also used in the packaging industry, flatbed die-cutting is the most economical way to cut and crease thicker substrates such as corrugated board.

Paper Type

Paperboard is a fibrous material made from wood, rag or organic materials. Paper used for printing and packaging applications typically ranges from 60 to 120 grams per square meter, while packaging paper specifications are usually around 160 grams per square meter, because only at this level can the fiber material be strong enough and sufficient to make containers.

Paperboard has a wide range of industrial applications, including packaging for a variety of products such as candies and cigarettes, as a component of packaging laminates, and for many commercial printing purposes.

Corrugated cardboard, also known as cardboard, is a range of paper materials. The paperboard used for folding cartons typically ranges from 200 to 600 gsm or 350 to 800 microns.

The corrugated cardboard may be made of recycled paper, kraft paper, or test paper, so the surface is brown or white, and can be coated or semi-coated depending on the application. The corrugated medium is generally made of recycled paper.

The thickness of corrugated cardboard depends on the height of the flutes. The thickness ranges from as thin as 0.5 millimeters to as thick as 15 millimeters or even thicker in some cases. The most commonly used weight range is from 80 gsm to 300 gsm, but for certain specific applications, lighter or heavier paper may be used. Currently, corrugated cardboard boxes are mainly used for food, beverages, tea, digital products, toy packaging, cigarette and turnover boxes, etc.

Advantages of Flatbed Die-cutting for Paperboard

Simple to use

Highly productive and is designed to increase the value and prolong the life of your machining production investment. 

Designed primarily for companies needing high volume production of corrugated partition strips and pads as well as multiple configurations.

Available in several width and height capacities to solve even your most difficult production needs.

Ideal for larger and thicker materials

Sharp cuts

Minimal material distortion

Decreased tool costs

Reduced lead times

Full digital control allows individual positioning

Flatbed die-cutters monitor and register every movement and positioning of the material. 

digital operation process to whereby the input of individual sheets and parts of the material can also be controlled.

Quick-set: setting up for your next die-cutting order during production

Pre-loading and Cutting-chase options serve the same purpose: utilizing all production time, allowing the machine to continue processing the new order without pausing.

How to Choose

Flatbed Paperboard/Cardboard Die Cutting Machine are available in various production widths and speeds. Several features to further enhance productivity are available as an option, for instance:

Power and speed: You can’t just sit around and wait for the machine to complete its tasks, especially since you have many customer requests. Plus, you can’t afford to mess up orders of intricate designs since you will lose business, so you need a fast and powerful die cutter.

Intuitive controls: No one wants to spend countless hours on the Internet trying to figure out how to adjust settings, so the machine’s software and controls should be easy to use by anyone.

Durability: If you’re going to invest in a premium die-cutting machine, you should get your money’s worth. It’s essential that the product is made out of quality materials so that it doesn’t get damaged easily.

Commercial usage: Having a craft-making hobby is great, but sustaining a die-cutting business is even better. Your machine should be optimized for commercial use so that you can process large-scale projects and make a profit

Precision: Some die-cutting machines need to be manually calibrated each time you change the blade, but the very best can make that happen automatically to eliminate the risk of human error

Noise: If you plan on working late-night shifts or during the weekend from home, your die-cutting machine shouldn’t disturb your family members or neighbors, so it should be pretty as quiet as possible.

Price and low maintenance: It doesn’t matter how big and powerful the machine is if you can’t afford it. So, the price is just as important as all the other aspects on this list, especially when considering that you also have to invest in extra tools, mats, materials, and various accessories. 

If you’re looking for the Best paperboard and cardboard Die Cutting Machines, you’ve come to the right place, choose MK!


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