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All excellent solutions can be provided by MK whatever printing technology you work, gravure printing, digital printing or web-printing. The equipment manufactured in MK, from preconfigured printing to tailored printing, ensures your most strict application with high productivity.

MK Gravure Printing Machine

MK is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of substrate processing, printing and converting equipment and services for the label, flexible packaging, paperboard, folding carton and corrugated cardboard.

MK Gravure Printing Machine that meet the standard for web gravure printing in demanding areas such as tobacco packaging. Printing on paper or board is another challenge for the gravure process, where ease of use, fast makeready and waste minimisation are a must. MK ensures that gravure presses offer the highest production quality, excellent reliability and lasting value through precise design, high manufacturing standards and state-of-the-art computer-based controls.



Paper is created from wood, organic material, or rags. For packaging and graphic arts, wood and recycled paper and board are usually utilized. These materials undergo chemical or mechanical processing to create cellulose pulp, which is then bleached and processed through a paper making machine to create paper reels. For enhanced surface quality and visual appeal, paper may also be coated or finished. Due to its versatility, paper is commonly used in industrial settings such as packaging for various products like cigarettes and confectionery, in packaging laminates, and for commercial printing.

Carton board

The process of creating carton board begins with turning fibrous materials, which can be sourced from trees, recycled paper, or a combination of both, into pulp. This pulp is then processed by being bleached and passed through a board making machine to form a board that may consist of one or more layers. For enhanced surface quality and a visually appealing appearance, the board may also undergo an optional coating process.


Features and Advantage

Excellent flexibility and performance, fast response and quick adjustment

Stability, cost effectiveness and sustainable production

Splicing widths from 400 to 850 mm, short-run medium format solutions

Highly automated gravure platform: independently driven, stable printing and accurate registration

Highest colour consistency: immersion inking system with collecting and leveling trays

Unrivalled productivity: Max. Gravure printing mechanical speed is 350m/min

Low losses: low initial set-up time and splicing losses


We customized gravure printing presses to fit your needs and we believe that only gravure printing presses customized will be able to handle special projects and finds suitable solutions for your demand.

supports large-diameter material.

labor-saving and power-saving capabilities improve your production environment.

variety of uses from wallpaper to paper cups


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What is Gravure printing?

Gravure printing is one of the most common printing methods found in our daily lives. This printing method is used in all kinds of fields, from colorful plastic film for packaging food products to wood-pattern printing for furniture or electronics.

How sustainable is the gravure printing process?

For brand companies and retailers with their own brands, the issue of "sustainability" is becoming increasingly important when choosing the most suitable printing process. This means a detailed assessment of the production process from an ecological point of view. However, these processes are always influenced by many different factors and need to be fully evaluated within the framework of such assessments.


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