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MK stand out in the challenges

The challenges of packaging and printing industry :


At present, China's packaging and printing industry is entering a new trough. Influenced by changes in global market relations, the supply and demand pattern is also gradually evolving. With reduced market demand and increasingly fierce competition, China's corrugated packaging industry and the entire packaging and printing field are entering a stage of white-hot competition. Many companies are confused about the direction of the future, should they grow conservatively or invest heavily to capture the market? This has become one of the hottest topics in the market.


The current situation is an inevitable development process of the entire industry, and it is also a process that developed countries in Europe and the United States have long experienced. By studying the development history of the European and American markets, we can fully tap the market opportunities. Before the outbreak of the financial crisis, the corrugated packaging industry in the United States has begun to go through a consolidation phase. In the process of integration, the level of factory automation has become a key factor in the survival and elimination of this elimination game. After the financial crisis, both external capital and large enterprise groups, with the help of the market wave, especially international enterprise groups, gradually seized market share, and the market share reached nearly 80%. At this stage, the product structure of the corrugated packaging industry and the layout of market segments have undergone great changes, different types of companies provide services for specific customer groups, and the market division of labor has become more refined and gradually mature.


The current structure of the Chinese market shows a hierarchical pattern similar to the "pyramid". Whether it is the type of enterprise or the type of customer, the structure is relatively single, especially the high degree of overlap between customer groups, which is also one of the main reasons for fierce competition. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the market structure from the "pyramid" type to a more diversified "hourglass" type structure, and win the market segment by "turning to fine" strategy. This will help companies stand out from the fierce competition.


And what can MK do?



MK was founded in 1995. In nearly 27 years of development, MK has been the world's leading printing equipment manufacturer and integrated service provider with the highest market share in China. We have more than 1,600 people worldwide. Our main manufacturing base, composed of marketing, exhibition hall, CNC center, assembly center and intelligent warehouse, covers an area of 60,000 square meters, with an annual design capacity of 2,000 standard parts, which can meet the production capacity of 5 billion RMB in the future. The machining center and the MK HDM joint venture plant produce the main key components for MK, so that we will provide our customers with reliability, flexibility and scalability equipment.


As the company with the first market share in China's post-press industry, MK has expanded the international market, and began to reach a strategic cooperation with HDM in 2014, becoming its exclusive supplier of post-press business. Later, we acquired the factory in Slovakia, and the R&D center in Germany from Heidelberg, so Masterwork became the largest shareholder in Heidelberg in 2019.


We have many different categories of production lines, including 7 series, more than 100 kinds of equipment.The following are stamping machine, die-cutting machine, inspector, folder gluer, digital Pinter, laser die-cutter and gravure printing machine.We are the only supplier in China that can provide the whole solution from print to post-press, and are listed as the top supplier in the world.


Abiding Innovation

Innovation is the corner stone of MK business. Owing many patents, MK is always the powerful partner for the customers both with mature technology and the new one being underdeveloped. The goal of MK is to keep the technology leadership in the industry forever.


5%-7% of sales revenue will be used in R&D each year in MK. Due to the acquisition of the post-press R&D of HDM Germany, which is a worldwide leader in printing equipment manufacturing, and the establishment of MK German R&D Center, there are 305 patents fed back to MK and joint developing work between domestic and oversea is enabled.

The MK Research Institute was jointly established with Tianjin University in order for MK to speed up the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and can continuously provide the customized products and services with good quality and differential properties.Until now, and there are total 20 projects finished with up-to-date technology both domestic and oversea.


Intelligent Manufacturing


Information management platform is built up based on ERP and MES and other auxiliary smart management units. The real-time data can be collected, recorded and reviewed, the working steps are jointly supervised in order to ensure the stable and efficient production.MK has formed the working technology of intelligent manufacturing, promote management, thereby improving the management system and improving production efficiency.

We have a wide range of packaging solutions.

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