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What is laser die cutter?

What is laser die cutter?

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Laser die cutter involves using a high-speed laser to cut and force material into specific shapes and sizes. Its laser beam is controlled by computer during the cutting process. Due to the laser die cutting has some irreplaceable advantages compared with other forms of die cutting, it’s quickly popular with the market. It has shown good performance in many aspects, which can help to eliminate the storage, lead times, and costs of traditional dies, etc.


5 Types of Laser Die Cutter of Cardboard

We can divide cardboard laser die cutter into 5 types: flatbed laser cutter, roll-fed laser cutter, conveyor laser cutter, rotary laser cutter and handheld laser cutter.


1. Flatbed Laser Cutter:

It uses a flatbed surface to hold the cardboard in place while the laser cuts through it. It's versatile and can cut cardboard in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses.


2. Roll-fed Laser Cutter:

This type of die cutter comes in rolls or sheets. It feeds the cardboard through the machine, allowing for continuous cutting without the need for manual loading.


3. Conveyor Laser Cutter

It is similar to the roll-fed cutter, but it uses a conveyor belt system to feed the cardboard through the machine. It's ideal for high-volume production companies.


4. Rotary Laser Cutter

This type of cardboard laser die cutter is used for cutting cylindrical or curved shapes in cardboard. It uses a rotary attachment to rotate the cardboard, allowing for precise and accurate cuts.


5. Handheld Laser Cutter

It is a portable and lightweight choice for small-scale projects or on-site cutting. It's ideal for creating intricate designs or cutting cardboard in hard-to-reach areas.


Why we choose laser die cutter?

There are 5 reasons to tell you why choose laser die cutter.   


l The cutter can cut through intricate, tricky patterns in which it would be difficult for a traditional rotary die cutter.


l It’s great for creating quick prototypes without the need for hard tooling and can match up with a variety of materials.


l Laser die cutter take up less space and you don’t need to allocate time to organize the storage.


l The laser can be continuously readjusted for quick runs, making them the preferred choice for contract converters.


l On the other hand, laser die cutting machine are friendly to users, you can operate the machine in a short time and use it into the production.


Application of Laser Die Cutter

Laser die cutters are commonly used for cutting a wide range of materials, including paper, cardboard, plastic, fabric, leather, and metal. They are a popular choice for those customers who need flexibility in the production and ability to produce high-quality cuts quickly and efficiently.


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