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8 Years of Innovative, MK's Drupa Show Machine Revealed

Since 2016, Drupa has been 8 years apart. It can be imagined that all the innovations and process technologies from around the world are waiting to be displayed at this Drupa by that time. For 8 years,MK has been refining its innovations and continuously optimizing its solutions to make the whole production process simpler and more efficient. We are committed to helping our customers build a highly intelligent and highly automated printing and packaging enterprise. This time, MK brought the latest solutions at Drupa to turn our vision into reality.

Efficiency doubled, labor sharply reduced

Mastermatrix 106CSB

The Mastermatrix 106CSB die cutter with stripping&blanking represents our innovative achievement in high-speed die-cutting technology. Currently, 30+ units have been sold worldwide. It realizes accurate and stable die cutter with stripping&blanking production at a speed of 9000S/H; the new quick-change system is more efficient for diversified orders; and the optional combination of intelligent auto-feeder and auto-logistics frees up complex and heavy peripheral work, improves efficiency, and reduces costs.

Diana Smart 80A folder gluer shows the reduction of staff and efficiency brought by automation, after adding Diana Smartpacker, Diana Turner and robot, the whole workflow is fully automated, which reduces the heavy manual workload, and the staff can be reduced from the original configuration of 5 to 2, which solves the problem of lack of staff in the enterprise.

Mold ironing both,quality strives for perfection

Duropress Power 106FCSB

Duropress Power 106FCSB with multi-station, high-efficiency unique advantages, can provide customers with almost customized unit combinations, sub-walking paper to achieve hot foil stamping, embossing, embossing, die-cutting, stripping&blanking and cartoning a variety of different functional combinations for the user to provide efficient post-press decorative and die cutting body solutions.

Diana eye 55

With a speed of 300M/min, the Diana eye 55 can detect not only general printing defects but also embossing, hot stamping, die-cutting, silk screen, 2D code, and backside defects. It is GS certified, with 5 different inspection systems, the detection accuracy is up to 0.1mm2, and the color difference recognition level is △E2.5. High-speed, stable and precise, it can accurately reject the minor defects of different printing processes, which can greatly improve your work efficiency.

Because of focus, there is practical application 

Diana Pharma is a new multifunctional gluing and folding machine specially developed for pharmaceutical cartons. With a maximum production speed of 250 m/min, the machine is able to simultaneously press Braille on the same surface, especially for two sets of Braille characters, thus realizing the multi-purpose function of one machine.

Five sets of innovative equipment, three sets of running demonstration. This time, MK with eight years of effort, will show the new quality productivity of China's high-end post-press equipment to the world at this belated world printing feast!

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How can we help you?

We look forward to hearing from you. In order to respond to your message more quickly, we need some information. *These are required