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Die cutter supplier-MK Masterwork

Die cutter supplier- MK Masterwork



Automatic die cutting machine is an indispensable machine after carton printing, mainly used for cardboard creasing and die cutting after printing. The automatic die cutting machine has now achieved the requirements of intelligence, automation and multi-function, and has a wider application and broad development trend.



Why automatic die cutter?

The Manual Machine VS The Automatic Machine

In the manual machine, the operator must feed sheets of material by hand. That is tedious, slow, and labor-intensive. The automatic machine continuously feeds sheets of material for cutting. That is efficient and fast, resulting in higher productivity.



What types of die cutter can we choose?



Duopress Power 106CSB

With dual station and blanking, Duopress Power 106CSB is the patented and innovative product worldwide. The flexible configuration can be done depending on the different product. Equipped with embossing and cutting units with 7000s/h for format of 1060mm, higher productivity and lower cost is available for you. This machine fits for paper or cardboard of 90~2000g/m².






Mastermatrix 106CSB


Mastermatrix 106CSB is fully new developed with high automation, high intelligence, high speed and high reliability, typical for the customer who pursues the smart producing and high capacity. With the newly developed cutting unit together with Cam-Driven system and optimized gripper curve movement, the highest speed of 9000s/h is reachable.






Powermatrix 106CSB


Powermatrix 106CSB is first new full-function blanking machine developed after the strategy cooperation between MK and HDM. More efficient solution is available for your plant based on the operation speed of 8,000s/h.


Promatrix 106CSB

Promatrix 106CSB is very cost efficiency blanking machine with GS certification speed of 7500s/h. It holds in both paper or cardboard of 90-2000g/m² and corrugated board less than 4mm.





Multimatrix 60C


The Multimatrix 60C is small format die-cutter and hot foil stamping machine. The Multimatrix is great for producing short run die-cutting work, such as presentation folders and irregular shaped direct mail pieces. With a maximum format size of 450 × 600 mm (17.72 × 23.62 in), it can also hot foil and emboss folding cartons. The speed of 5,500s/h supports short to intermediate run lengths.


Easymatrix 106C CS

Based on 7700s/h for format of 1060mm on Easymatrix 106C/CS , higher productivity and lower cost is available for you. This machine fits not only for paper or cardboard of 90~2000g/m²,but also for corrugated board less than 4mm. With high precision of cutting/stripping on Easymatrix 106C/CS, your production will be more easier and efficient. It is the best approach for your cutting work.

Professional Die Cutter Supplier - MK Masterwork



Established in 1995, the headquarters of MK is located in the BEDA in Tianjin and was listed in ShenZhen GEM in March 2011. The main business of MK includes printing equipment manufacturing, medical equipment manufacturing & sales, financial leasing, intellectualization & digitalization business and consultations of smart plant.


Our Production line& Achievement

Advance Production Line

image.png    image.png   image.png

Over hundred products in more than10 product series of foil stamping machine, die cutter, inspector, folder gluer, variable data printing, laser cutter and gravure printing press were totally independent developed by MK. Many of such products are China's own innovation and worldwide advance.






The product sales cover more than 80 countries over the world. MK is always No.1 in segment market in package printing industry in China. Since 2015, the products with MK brand name have been distributed globally by HDM which is the No.1 brand name over the world. Since 2019, MK has been the largest shareholder of HDM and then the strategy partnership of two parties was established.


Types of Die Cutter



For more information about the MK Masterwork die cutter and other applications, welcome to contact us, please visit our website at https://www.masterworkgroup.com/ We will be happy to help you out!  





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